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Question - IDE gpu_tex_repeat wrong after restart


So lately I've discovered some strange behaviour with my light engine after I restarted my game with the command game_restart(). After some digging around I finally noticed that the texture repeat, which initially was off, got set to on when the game restarted. I then figured this had to be due to some mistake I've done somewhere in my code, but found out this also happened in new projects.

I've only been able to test this on my own system, and I'm currently using macOS 10.15.2, IDE v2.2.5.481 with runtime v2.2.5.378.

This can all be replicated by creating a new project and following these steps:
  1. Create an object and place it somewhere in the room
  2. In the step event, output the value returned from gpu_get_tex_repeat(), preferably through show_debug_message
  3. Add any key press event, to run the function game_restart().


You should submit that as a bug. They recently made some changes in the GPU stack (some toggles were wrong on different platforms) so I can imagine this was missed.