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Question - IDE gp_shoulderrb not registering on right trigger

draw_text(10, 20, string(gamepad_axis_value(0, gp_shoulderrb))) gives me no result (0) when pressing the right trigger, but does print a value when I press the left joystick to the left or right.
Same goes for gp_shoulderlb.
My Xbox360 controller registers all buttons and axes fine in the windows diagnostic window for game controllers.
Does anyone know where my problem lies?
There was a bug in an earlier version of GMS2 where the buttons werent mapped correctly.

Im on my phone and cant seem to check the release notes page for 2.2.1

If you are on the latest then Im not sure what the problem is, they seem to be working for me.
You don't have to use the button names. You can just use integers if you want. Try going from 0 up and see what you get. Not all controllers are mapped the same.

Edit: oops, this thread is ancient, my bad. :x


Despite being old, I wonder why the shoulder labels are still reversed. With official and unofficial Xbox controllers for both the 360 and One, I have to use shoulderr for the right bumper and shoulderrb for the right trigger. Unless "rb" does not stand for "right bumper", this has me perplexed.
I always understand the B in LB and RB to mean "back" as far as Game Maker was concerned, but maybe that was just my coping mechanism. Kind of strange as the only officially supported controllers use triggers for those buttons, so it should have been renamed as ltrigger and rtrigger or something.