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Question - D&D Goto_room drag and drop freezes the game (SOLVED)



I'm creating a RPG and currently have two objects that have collision events where the obj_char touches them and they are taken to a certain room.

The first collision object works fine and the player is taken from room 1 to room 2. However, the second collision object simply causes the entire game to freeze without any errors appearing.

The two collision objects are exactly the same other than taking the player to different rooms.

I reordered the rooms so that room 3 is first and hence loads up first, my thinking is that there's something wrong with this particular room that freezes the game.

I was right on this as when the game loads up, the room is just completely black with only the persistent elements showing, such as the inventory and save sprites and the player health, experience and money.

My question is; what could cause this to happen to a room? It looks fine when I'm editing it but completely crashes the game.

Any advice would be really appreciated on this!


After panicking thinking it was something I'd done that was completely wrong, I took a step back and thought about the problem calmly and checked some really simple things.

I realised that I had enabled viewports but not made viewport0 (the one I use in the other rooms) visible. Once I'd done that... hey presto! Problem solved.

Hopefully this will come in useful to anyone else who panics like myself rather than approaching the situation calmly and logically!
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