Android Google play Services Extension 2 different rewarded ads support?


Hello. I have working an interstitial in my game without problems. Now, I was implementing rewarded video for items and lifes. But the Google play services has only this methods for rewarded ads:

GoogleMobileAds_LoadRewardedVideo(Ad id)
GoogleMobileAds_RewardedVideoStatus() -- Return "Ready/Not Ready"
GoogleMobileAds_ShowRewardedVideo -- Shows the add if ready

Problem is that I can't choose what ad show of my 2 loaded ads (items and lifes).

If an user had load the items ad (because their item count is 0) and then dies without use it. My game will confuse when I make an Showxxx call because i can choose the desired ad.

What do you make to bypass this solution. I am thinking about a flag and use an unique rewarded id.


If I understood correctly, GMS2's ads extension currently only supports loading and showing of 1 single ad unit for each of { interstitial, rewarded, banner } ads format. If you called LoadRewardedVideo twice, only the one that's received later is stored, and the previous one is discarded without being used.
This makes it difficult to design different lengths of ads for different rewards, but we can only live with it or write/modify the extension, or use another extension that supports multiple ad units of the same format.