Android Google Play - can not login if installed from Google Play Store


Once my apk is uploaded to the Google Play Store (public accessable) I can no longer
Login via achievement_login(); or open the leaderboard etc.

I did:

- add the 12 Digit App-Number (Client-ID) under "social" for Android

- added the RSA key from DevTool "Services & APIs" MIIBIjANB….. in Packeting

- checked the App-Signature for Upload SHA1 macthes the one in GMS2 in the Settings (Show Keystore-Haskey / Fingerprint)

My App-Info is filled out, Google Play Services are enabled on Google Play Console and
the Extension added inside my Project.

If I compile from GMS 2 to my phone, I can Login to Google and submit my score.
As soon, as the very same apk was processed by Google and can be downloaded from Google Play
Store, the Login no longer works.

I already did uninstall before installing it from Google Play Store.
Somehow it looks as if Google breaks the access to the Play Services after displaying
the "Connecting to Google Play"-Overlay!

API & Services Shows 435 times accessed and 0% Error for "Google Play Game Services".

GPlayServ. Extension 3.1.9
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If "App Signing" is enabled in Google Play Console (default to yes), your SHA1 key is used only for uploading to Google Play Console, Google will replace it with another key. (As attached: Google Play Console -> Release Management -> App Signing)

Google's official troubleshooting guide says that you can associate another key to your game service, but I haven't tried it yet.
If this fingerprint does not match your certificate's fingerprint from the previous steps, you must create a new client ID with the correct certificate fingerprint. You must create the new client ID in the Google Play Console, not in the Google API Console.

Note: If you are debugging your game using your debug certificate but have configured games services using your release certificate, you should add a second linked app using the same package name and your debug certificate's SHA1 fingerprint. This will allow you to sign in to the application whether it's signed with the debug or release certificates.



Thank you Chirpy! I created a new one without Signing and only using the keystore SHA1 provided by GMS2.
My Game is in the store now and the Login and Leaderboard seem to work now as desired.

You helped me a lot with your answer!!