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Hi everyone. I decided to publish another extension that I use in the game I work on. It's a Google Play Billing extension. This extension integrates Google Play Billing library as it seems from its name)

For now it has very limited functionality: in only can query purchased items and make a purchase. And do not support purchase consuming and subscription. But purchase consuming is already in my tasks list and I'm working on it. Also subscriptions are in probable plans for our game so if nothing will change then subscriptions should be added in the future.

And the key feature that this extension has it's a purchase verification as it described in google's documentation here:
Verification on a device it's not so secure as verification on a server but it's far more secure than no verification at all)

The extension is available here: it's free and also I provide a link to my Android Studio project from where I develop this extension so everyone can extend it by its own. Or wait until I add missing features)


UPD. I've updated the extension. Now it supports purchase consuming. Also in case of failures the extension stores purchase tokens and try to consume them until successfully they will be consumed. Even after game restart it will continue trying.


Hello kroart. Your extension is just looks delicious! I believe you'll bring-in the subscriptions option as well.
I also make free extensions and share them in the forums. I sent you a message. Please check.


Edit : I've talked with the author and put a tutorial on my blog, sample codes with syntax highlighting, some pictures and tips for you guys to implement it easily. The extension is super awesome guys!
Here's the link to the tutorial
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Hi @kroart i am writing an IAP Extension too and I use GoogleDocs, your extension and the YoYo extension as example.

Now I have one problem:

BillingResult responseCode = billingClient.launchBillingFlow(RunnerActivity.CurrentActivity,
doesnt nothing. NO ERRORS and no purchase Window does open. Any idea?

- I am connected
- skuDetails are ok. I get right callbacks from Google:

1,19 €
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Seems like my current uploaded beta version has no billing permision in it, or something like that. WITH "android.test.purchased" as SKU the
launchBillingFlow() does work.