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Google Play and App help please, thank you.

I Jason need help with Google Play App uploading please, thank you.

#1: What steps must I take to be able to upload apps on Google Play?

#2: If all apps I want to upload are free of charge will I still have to pay any fee or fees to Google Play to be able to upload any apps?

#3: If I do not have access to an email (electronic mail) address of mine can I still activate my Google Play uploading app account such as with my own phone number?

#4: If I am good enough at coding can I program my own apps from my computer and save them to a smartphone as an app for each app I program on my computer?

#5: ^ If yes can I also uninstall such an app that I make from my computer to my smartphone?

#6: ^ If yes how please?

Thank you and have a nice day.


you must pay a one time $20 fee no matter what, and you must upload the app, some screen shots, description, identity info, and promotional material before you can submit. You must have an email. I refuse to believe you don't have access to email if you are signed into this forum...

Also, all apps in gamemaker are cross compile, so anything you make for PC can run on android so long as you program it appropriately for both platforms.