HTML5 Golf Blast 2 [HTML5]

True Valhalla

Full-Time Developer
GMC Elder
Golf Blast 2 is a competitive arcade challenge to navigate the randomly generated levels and score a hole-in-one! Avoid the bunkers or use them to your advantage - only the best athletes will survive.
  • 100% free to play
  • Works on PC and mobile
  • Endlessly replayable (warning: addictive!)
This game is part of a series of experimental high definition games that I'm producing; my goal with this series is to test the limits of what I can achieve with HTML5 technology, and to produce content with a longer lifespan in the licensing market.

Feedback regarding the design, gameplay, and performance is very welcome. Have fun!




Now that was fun. My first try resulted in a score of 23. I think it was level 4 that was a hard one to beat. Graphics, playability and gameplay were smooth.



I like how easy it is to learn how to play.

Good music! Cool glitter effect when you score a point.


Had a quick go and it's a good little time filler, very simple yet has that "one more go" thing and looks polished.

One bit of feedback I'd give is that on my first shot I instinctively pulled the aiming bar the opposite way to the direction I wanted to hit the ball and of course it went horribly wrong haha.

It might just be me and years of using inverted controls to aim like in other games (ie. Angry Birds), but it felt a little weird for the first few shots until I got used to it.

Nice work mate!