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Golems: an android platformer

Discussion in 'Work in Progress' started by ktiix, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. ktiix

    ktiix Member

    Apr 24, 2019
    You play as an elemental golem. Initially you are made of earth. You are heavy. It is difficult to move and you can't jump very high.

    You are underground, and you're not sure why. You explore a bit and meet another of your kind. It wants to add its power to yours if you accept.

    You want to get out of this place.

    You explore.

    Golems (apk)

    This game is a work in progress! The movement and interface are pretty much established, but some of the rooms may change. You can explore quite a bit before you'll reach then edge of what is made.


    The graphics are placeholder graphics - from free tilesets and a character generator. The final release will (hopefully) have custom graphics. By this I mean to say that I know that many of the sprites (jumping, wall-sliding, swimming) aren't good, and will be updated before the game is released. Feel free to tell me how good or bad they are regardless.

    If you get stuck - there being no way to get further or go back without starting a new game - open the menu, turn on Debug Mode, and send me a screenshot!

    I would love to hear your feedback about how well you figure out what to do, how you feel about the controls, what you think the golems are saying, anything that is frustrating or gives you a bit of joy. I especially want to know if you can get stuck somewhere.

    The Settings
    The Fun Settings: element and gems can be changed on the fly while playing by opening the menu. If you find you don't have enough gems for an upgrade or transformation, feel free to top up using this menu (though this is for testing, and is not a game feature). Changing the 'jump' settings will require a game restart.

    The Risky Settings require a game restart and are for beginning in any room and position. I'd recommend avoiding these, though the room numbers and player position are in the Debug overlay in the centre-top of the screen.

    Screenshots are attached.

    Current version is v37 (2019/04/28)

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
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  2. O.Stogden

    O.Stogden Member

    Jul 25, 2018
    Wall jumping (and jumping in general) is very fast, and hard to get right. It's a bit unforgiving and I found myself just mashing the jump button to try and fluke my way up. I was more expecting a system where you have to press against the wall, and then change direction when you jump, but it appears to do it almost automatically. It's probably the biggest mechanic in the game, so slowing it down a little and making the player more involved in it rather than just mashing the jump button could be an idea.

    Jumping is really short, I felt as though there were a couple of points that were 1 tile up that I should have been able to jump to.

    After going in the debug menu and changing the Element type, I realized that it's just the Earth golem which has such stilted and difficult movement, as you say in your post. Unfortunately I fear this means that the game starts off at its hardest, perhaps a little too frustrating for a first level. I'd suggest either making the 1st level a little easier, or making the Earth golem a little better than it is.

    Could replace the Analog/Thumbstick looking virtual key with left/right buttons, would be more compact and more apparent to the player what functionality it has. There's no gradual movement or up/down control for example.

    The perspective on water/lava is a little confusing, like the game is viewed from the side, but water and lava is viewed from above? Either way I jumped and hit my head on lava and died.

    Got to 8/10 Earth Gems legitimately, then cheated the other 2 in, as I couldn't find the last 2 Golems or reach them.

    Fatal Error when giving the machine (teleporter?) that said it needed 10 Earth Gems:
    Action Number 1
    Step Event 1
    Object: obj_j_btn
    Error: Unable to mod by 0
    called from gml_Script_j_earth_begin (line 11)
    called from gml_Object_obj_j_btn_Step_1 (line 8)
    And I had no idea what the golems were saying. And I couldn't work out if the button I clicked to get them gem said "Kiss" or "Kill" haha.

    The music was nice, and fitted the environment and puzzle genre of the game well.

    The menus are nicely done, I like that you can rearrange the virtual key positions, however I was fine with the default.
  3. ktiix

    ktiix Member

    Apr 24, 2019
    It's always strange when you get errors that shouldn't be possible. That instruction is a mod by 0.8*room_speed. So now I've just set it explicitly to 48.

    This is great feedback! I test it so much that I have no problems jumping, or knowing what is too high to jump to.

    I'll restructure the first 10 levels or so for the water golem instead of the earth golem.

    The perspective issue with water and lava is because I'm using a free tileset I found somewhere.. it's not the greatest for this application. I do plan to hire an artist before I release this game. That'll give better sprites for wall grabbing, swimming, etc., and fix the tileset.

    I'll upload a new version in a bit!
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