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Alpha Golemized Alpha Project


Golemized Alpha Project
play the role of a mad scientist!
Last Major update: 27/06/2016
minor update: 14/10/2018
Hi fellow game devs & gamers alike!
I've recently started a game project that I call Golemized, how ever still in it's infancy I'd like to use this thread as an opportunity to discuss it, and reach out to others who in time would enjoy playing in the game world that I've in mind!

The old thread can be found here, which has images that may shed light on the GUI design that I'm moving towards, If you like you could PM to find out more about the project as I've all the time in the world to discuss it! but I'd like to reserve this thread for testing, suggestions and so on.

Target platform: Windows definitely.
Download links: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=93078696938969021370 [Very old]
More information: https://www.facebook.com/Golemized/ and http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=691465&hl=golemized

I have a clear image of what I'd like to achieve with Golemized, how ever as any developer may know changes do occur as one progresses, for the better of course.

Schematics Builder[WIP]:
The schematics builder is a feature that allows players to design the interior layout of their future homes.
So far there is a menu for it, took me quite a few hours to get the drop down menu that holds place-able items to work.
Items Menu:

Ill see what my next step is. There are a lot of bugs to sort out before the game can be tested at this point, so hold on tight!

Old Progress:

Multiplayer - Client & Server:
I'm using the normal communication approach here as per FatalSheeps tutorial.

The first window to appear has two simple buttons that accept input via a popup dialog, It asks for username and password, where registration does a quick check to make sure the user doesn't already exist and then creates the user, without changing the room, the player profile is added, and default values are set server side such as room coordinates and x/y coordinates within a room. Login compares data server side and either let's a player login or returns a basic error message to try again, space has been reserved for different possible error messages. A password can be anything as can a username.

Server view:
Character Creation:
This was and is one of my favorite parts to do, but there isn't character creation in this remake of the project, currently you're created with a default circular sprite.
Your character is moved around by directing him with a left click release event, he then moves directly to that position. There are no further interactions available, other than room transition.
3x3 rooms in play, after logging in you currently skip the character creation room, which is only available while registering, to the play room. Rooms are simulated by a changing background within one room.
There's no theme, everything's a place holder! I want functionality first, since the start of the project and for another several dozen hours of coding, the theme will appear that of a simple online crafting and trading game. But steampunk in the Victorian era is its destiny.
The world is composed of rooms I'd rather call zones that are coordinate based like a grid, There is currently nothing more than plain grasslands.
If you move close enough to the boarder of a zone you may move to another, with your x or y coordinate updated to simulate having moved a short distance, with an offset to avoid the ludicrous back and forth teleportation.
data Storage:
Everything important is saved, some important things aren't saved. But when they are it's in .ini files, loaded at either start up or during game-play when necessary, and saved to when the server shuts down.
static Instances:
These are trees, benches and decorative items, their objects exist client side. They are now loading/unloading. [New]
Instance properties:
There's only one zone active at a time, which removes the necessity to unload instances outside of range had the game world been in one map, but there may be many instances in one room at a time, and these wont all be static instances, so a lot of data will be sent back and forth. I found that sending instance information to the client once the client logs in will save on data and performance, compared to sending all the information at one time.

Let me explain,

Instances have a few properties, and some of them are strings, if there are forty trees covering a path protected by wolves, there's forty instance names to let the client know about, if these trees have descriptions, there are forty more descriptions, so now the client receives an unsigned integer to represent a name, or to represent a description, which has all been sent once and only once per each instance type when the player logged in to the client, nifty right.

I have gone a bit overboard with talking about the future of Golemized(not now, in the past), and sticking to what is and what's immediately next makes more sense to me. Feedback is appreciated from those who understand the points brought up, if you're following this project please do ask questions where I haven't quite covered an aspect of the games creation, I'd like to share some eye candy(game art) but I'd be even more excited to share functionality.

Points will be updated as progress is made, and new points added as they come into the picture.

Some art I'm working on:
Teleporting machines/devices:

Thanks for reading, come back soon. :p
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