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Released Go Home, Pigeon ! Available for free on iOS and Android !



Hi everyone !
I just released my latest game, Go Home, Pigeon! to the App Store and Google Play (Amazon store to come)
Feel free to grab it on any of the stores:

Apple AppStore : http://appstore.com/gohomepigeon
Google Play : https://goo.gl/zKvOxV

Here's the launch trailer :

The Gameplay trailer :

More info and screenshots : http://www.gohomepigeon.com

More about the game :
Go Home, Pigeon! is an Endless Runner (or flyer, I guess, in that case) where instead of controlling the main character, you act directly on the environment by tapping, swiping, corking obstacles (more complex gestures to come in future updates).
It is my first game as a solo developer and using gamemaker but I have personally 12 years of industry experience, having shipped titles like Bioshock2, Brink or dirty bomb. I decided to go indie about 2 years ago, and that's pretty much the time it took to learn the engine and build the game between freelancing contracts :)
Hope you will like it ! I surely had a blast working on it !
That's awesome man! Great job. I can definitely tell you have tons of experience in the industry. I'm just starting out, but learning very quickly how much work it takes to put something like this together.