HTML5 GMS2: Wrong images, cleaning cache and game update

Le Slo

Hello there!

I have encountered this problem and after reading here and there, I still don't know what solutions I can apply to the following situation:

-It is normal that when working on a project for HTML5 there is a texture problem where all the images appear wrongly. This is solved by clearing the cache and with the clean option of GMS2.
-Recently I have uploaded a project to and now I have a new version with some bug fixes. While testing, the texture problem happened and I guess that this will happen in all the computers who already played the game.
-I though the problem was due to a reorganization of the texture page when adding new sprites. I had similar problems with sounds. But I've only touched the code (writing in some ini files). Are there actions to avoid in order to maintain the texture page?

Here is a picture of what's happening :

How can I correctly update the game without having to ask people explicitly to clean their cache?

I've tried with the function draw_texture_flush in an initial room, to then move to the next one, though I'm not sure I correctly understood the point of that function. This is what I put:

I'm spanish so my english may be awkward or hard to understand sometimes, please let me know if I need to rephrase anything on this thread or if you need any more detail.

Thank you for your time.