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Windows GMS2 won't start after update


ilari silander

So, I have the same problem again, that I had when I bought GM2 from Steam.
When I launch the program, I will get the "installing runtime" thingy, and then the program just hard crashes. No error messages or anything. It just closes.

Any suggestions? I tried to "verify integrity of application files" in the property section, but it doesn't work.

I provide an image of what the screen looks like before it crashes.



Ex-QA Department
GMC Elder
Might be that the IDE pulled down the most recent runtime incorrectly.
Try deleting the runtime folder, located here: C:\ProgramData\GameMakerStudio2\Cache\runtimes. This should force the IDE to fresh install the runtime :)

ilari silander

Unfortunate enogh, it did not work. Have tried to install the non Steam version, but it still just closes. I'm glad that I'm not a professional game developer atm :O