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Hi Everyone!

We’re extremely busy improving GMS2 and building new things for you all (and hiring!), and while we still need some time to be able to share more on the longer term vision and exciting plans for GameMaker Studio 2, we thought of making a small gift for anyone who is looking to get their hands on our Mobile and Web licenses. So from today you can get both at the same price as the Desktop license at 99 dollars (USD) (previously at 199 and 149)! Why? Well, someone said we don’t love Web and Mobile as much as we love Desktop and we thought that was simply not true!

Have a great time making games!

If you have any issues or concerns please contact our Helpdesk.

Note: New pricing on Steam may take a little while to update.
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me who already bought the web license last month

Edit: I did message asking if they could just refund the price difference, I doubt it though as turns out i bought it on March 30, I dont really care if i do or dont, just find it really funny I was looking for a sale and ended up buying the license before the price drop lmao :p
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That's awesome! I don't really need the mobile export but I'm likely to go ahead and pick it up at this price, just for the convenience of testing things out. It will make it easier to add multi-touch control stuff to my input system too(instead of having to use HTML5 and just hope it works on mobile like it should).
Nice! I may pick up the Web Export next time I start a "Medium Project". Most likely this summer when I want a break from my hard long-term project.


So that your answer for our concerns about pricing model change after Opera transfer.

Well, nobody would know that it would go into this direction, the best possible of course!

I've bought those modules long time ago so that's not changing anything for me, but for sure it's a change for many other users!
Interesting move indeed! I am hopeful that this could potentially open the door for a similar treatment of consoles and/or Ultimate down the road. But very cool indeed!
My thoughts exactly! But I won't rant about it lol.
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