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OFFICIAL GMS2 Version 2.3.2 (Beta Release)

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Typical... Ninja'd as I reply ;)

I made bug report, but I'll mention it here too.
There is memory leak in IDE when scrolling through fonts. Eventually IDE becomes unstable and memory usage has grown from around 250MB to over 1000MB (Task Manager info).
This memory usage doesn't get cleaned when clearing cache or switching projects.

Issue is most present when you are casually looking through all your fonts trying to find "best font".
Just FYI, that one is not new - it's actually been the case for the whole of GMS2, because the underlying tool doesn't clean up properly. It was in the old bug DB, but I did move it so it could be scheduled for a fix.


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
IDE / Runtime are now rolling out for the Stable release, so you are free to uninstall your Beta installs if you wish and we'll hopefully see you all again once 2.3.3 betas start appearing ;)

Changes in Stable since Beta 5 are as follows:
  • A further fix for Search and Replace: Commented-out lines are not actually ignored when "Ignore Comments" is enabled specifically for if you had /* multiline comments that never had a matching */ before the end of the script/event.
  • A fix for GMS2 unstable when you Duplicate/Cut/Copy/Merge any moment in the Timeline Editor
  • A fix for if you renamed an object used in a collision event, but only changed the case of that object's name (e.g., "ObjectB" to "objectB"), this would delete the collision event script file
  • A fix for IDE hangs when importing an asset from My Library into a new project (in recent Betas)
  • A fix for dragging a Marketplace asset onto the Start Screen when there is no project already open, then trying to add it as a Datafile when the unwanted popup appears made the IDE unstable (we have now stopped the popup)
  • A proper fix for Building Projects: [Mac IDE] Unable to build iOS projects using CocoaPods ("Pod install result: /bin/bash: pod: command not found")
  • Fixed a macOS YYC silent crash when setting image_index as -1 and calling draw_sprite_ext() or similar functions
  • Fixed In-Game: [VM] Multi-layer inheritance of static methods can fail to find method if child instances created out-of-order
  • Fixed a silent crash in when json_encode() an empty string in a ds map
  • Some manual fixes (which were also published yesterday to the Beta versions of the manual websites/zips)
Thanks again for all your input and bug reports throughout this Beta period, folks!


Awesome, it runs faster for me, One thing i would like to see is the texture2Dlod function for shaders to work, its there but doesn't do anything
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