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UWP GMS2 UWP Games and Apps on Windows 10 IOT Core ?


I'm just wondering if anyone has tried developing and testing some GMS2 UWP Games and Apps on Windows 10 IOT Core ? If yes, do they work nice and smooth ? Do the extensions and touch / gesture functions work properly as intended ?
I'm planing to create an retro arcade-like kiosk for neighborhood kids and could use some advice on this matter before I put money on buying UWP export.

Also, what's the board configuration (CPU/GPU/RAM) I should look for ? Will a Raspberry Pi 4 or Asus Tinker or Intel Mini PC work ? What are the limits on architecture ? Would GMS2 UWP export take care of that if it's ARMv7 or ARMv8?

Any help, direction and pointers will be greatly appreciated.