Job Offer - Programmer [GMS2] Traditional Fighting Game Engine



UPDATE: We have already selected someone to be our programmer. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Let me just cut to the chase. I'm heavily interested in fighting games, such as Street Fighter and Guilty Gear. I've always wanted to make one but TFGs are some of the hardest games to program. Throw teching, Overheads, Roman Cancels, the intricacies of these games can make programming a chore. And it doesn't help that, although I like to think I'm a good programmer, I'm still a novice when it comes to serious top-down design. Put simply, I suck at programming complex engines. That is why I've decided to look for someone to make a system for me. I'll pay money, of course, for the source code to a solid TFG engine. I'm not asking for a system as complex as Guilty Gear, or Street Fighter, but I would like something with nuance. I'd like to see examples of your work, and I'll get in contact with whoever I think would best carry out this job. We can discuss the details of the system than. But for now, I'm looking for someone who can make this system with 2P support, enemy AI, Controller sand Keyboard support, double tap inputs, and Ultimate attacks that cost meter.
I don't have an exact price in mind, so pick that yourself.
Thank you for your time, if you have any problems, I'd be more than happy to try and resolve them.
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I am trying to make a name for myself and am (unfortunately) starting at square one. If you'll give me a chance, I'd be happy to prove how capable I am.

I've done a good bit of programming for side scrollers of all kinds, but I don't have anything to show at the moment. If it means anything, I understand completely what you want to accomplish here, and if given the chance, can easily produce it.

Please let me know if you're willing to help me build my portfolio.

If nothing else, I appreciate you taking the time to at least read this.

Thank you, Brennan


If you are still looking I'm very good at making fighting games, almost all my games are fighting ones, and they are solid and perfect.
BTW I use GM1.4