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Windows GMS2 Source Control Makes IDE Lag Very Badly

umm idk if this is a known bug and if its going to be fixed soon but source control makes the GMS2 IDE lag very badly.

its almost impossible to code because of the lag
I would say it last about 2 whole seconds and happens every time I change the position of my text curser or change windows.
text often gets messed up because of the lag and sometimes doesn't even register that I typed it.

this is a major issue and I don't know if its just me or if other people are experiencing this problem.
I hope to hear one of the yoyo games developers opinion on this. thanks.
ok so this seems to be skype's fault exiting out of it completely seems to fix it. I hope this helps someone else having this problem.
I think it might be do to skype's ads they seem to be always changing so idk.

this is not skype's fault I had skype completely closed out and it just did it again.


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I've just noticed this myself. The lag occurs if you don't commit for a while and have a lot of pending changes. Committing will 'reset' the lag, but it will eventually come back as pending changes pile up. I'm going to investigate this further and bug it, I'll reply with a link to the bug.

Edit: http://bugs.yoyogames.com/view.php?id=28564
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I just wanted to also chime in and say that this has been a problem for months and is getting really out of hand. I've had the entire IDE crash before because of lag from this. It's exceptionally bad when you're making changes to items in the Resource Tree - renaming or moving their grouped positions around. Is there a fix in sight for this?


A year later and this is still an issue. The bug has not been fixed yet, and you pretty much have to constantly commit.


Hey. When I worked on my project, I got this werd bug. On the workspace I got small lag spike when I do open object, sprite, rename it or just drag something on the workspace. After that I found this topic, I realized, I have the same bug. I did not commit for a while, but after I commit the project and restarted the GMS2 everything is work flawless. Thank you for the tip.