GML GMS2 Node.js Server - Where to start?


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I was thinking of making a little multiplayer game, and thought it'd be better if I had a central server controlling the clients and the transmission... Node.js looks like it'd work, because outside of GML I only know JS and Node.js.

So, if I wanted to create a multiplayer game with a Node.js server, where should I look? Do you guys know of any resources that could help me with it?

Basically, I want to know how to build a Node.js server (or use a pre-made one) to send and receive data to and from GameMaker.

And, is it something worth doing?



I still have several links to my old GMS.IO experiment (GMS 1.4), which uses Node.js to mediate native and HTML5 clients:
It has not been touched in years, and Socket.IO's mission as a compromise solution is done after WebSockets gained full-on browser acceptance. But there are ideas that you can take from this and reimplement in a new project.


I found an excellent youtube tutorial series that covers node.js, GM and Mongo by RM2KDEV . It uses an older version of GM but works perfectly. It is called Let's Build A MMORPG.


There's also this guy that hangs around here that just recently published a book about exactly that. Didn't check it out myself, but might worth checking into.

Jonathan Reeves

@Taddio who is the person that just wrote a book on it? Or what is the name or link to the book? I'm also curious about this topic. I have Python and Node.js experience but I'm more familiar with Node since that is what I use at work. Thank you.