Windows GMS2 - Need help with RAM usage by the program.

Hello and thank you for taking your time to answer this question ! BASICALLY MY GMS:2 IS EATING WHOLE MY RAM

My rig :
( LenovoT430 )
4GB ram, intel-i5-3320M processor @2.60GHz boosted to 3.30GHz with the help of turboboost.
( I know it's weak but It hasn't been a problem for me unless I'm editing sprites within GMS:2 )

The problem I'm facing :
Normally when I just edit code and run my game, the GameMakerStudio.exe wont eat up too much of my memory. Usually about 500 000 K of ram.
The task manager reports around 25-33% memory usage from the program and overall usage by all programs is around 50-55% out of my 4GB of ram.

But when I decide to edit sprites within the program and continue doing so for 1 hour straight , then somehow the memory usage climbs up to 2-3 GB and the task manager
reports 95-98% memory used total. My computer slows down horribly and the program starts lagging a lot. I have even encountered a few windows warnings and crash. ( GMS 2 crash reporter came up )
Lost some of my sprite edits because I forgot to save.

My try on fixing the issue :
At first I thought that saving the project and closing every task window within it would release the overly used memory ( I closed the sprite editor, Room editor and workbench, I was basically back at the point when I just opened the project but instead of having 500 000 K ram usage, it was using around 2-3 GB's.

Tried to google memory issues involving game maker studio but all the posts I found were about their own games having memory leaks.

I feel hopeless since I can't afford another computer right now but I don't wanna stop programming my game as well. I have gotten so hyped about it.
Really hope someone out there has encountered the same issue and found a reasonable solution.


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I don't have a solution, and honestly there likely isn't one. An option to consider however would be to make your sprites in another program since that is what is causing the increases. I would also maybe make a bug report so they can address the issue since I don't think sprite editing should cause that kind of increase, but since you can't depend on that getting fixed you can at the least work around it by using another program in the mean time.


Yeah, I would use a program such as Paintdotnet, there's plenty of quality free image editing programs out there that are miles better than the terrible sprite editor in GMS2.

Using 2-3GB for an image editor is obscene unless you're dealing with high quality images, and lots of them, all at once.

It's good practice to save and close out images that you're done with though, even in other image editing software.


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If you think there is a memory leak in the IDE and can reproduce this, please file a ticket with the helpdesk - increased memory usage while editing sprites is normal as they need to be loaded into memory, but they shouldn't be staying in memory even after the corresponding windows are closed when the system is running out of memory.