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 GMS2 My Library sorting options


Suggestions for improving My Library:
  1. Allow sorting by category for whatever heading I click on (eg, Title, Developer, Rating, Download available, etc.
  2. Allow mass actions on My Library items (checkbox multiple rows, perform action (import, download, etc) on all selected).
  3. Allow user to tag the items in their My Library, and add user's custom tags to the Categories so you can easily sort by category.
  4. Allow user to define how many assets/page are shown in My Library.
  5. Develop a Compact View (omitting the asset image, or replacing with a 16x16 or so mini icon version) so that we can fit more assets on one screen's worth of assets.
  6. Figure out some way to integrate a MP asset developer's Help documentation (if any) into GMS2's help system.
  7. Figure out some way to integrate feedback to the developer. I would love it if users could immediately file a bug report or other feedback to me on my assets, directly from within the IDE (or one-click to web site to do this would be acceptable). I'm talking about direct "message the developer" feedback rather than "post public rating/review" feedback.
  8. Add page skipping. I have SIXTY pages of assets in My Library, at 8 assets/page -- that's 480 assets! Wow! So it takes a long time to page through them one page at a time. Give me a textbox that I can type a page number in, or maybe an alphabet letter that I can click on to get to that point in the sort order, and I'm happy.
Overall My Library in GMS2 is vastly improved over the disaster it was in GMS1, particularly with large manifests. It's actually usable now -- these enhancements would be icing on top. Bravo!
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