Team Request (GMS2) Looking for programmers for a Goof Troop inspired game



Hi everyone,

My name is Andre Silva. I'm looking for a programmer that's interested in creating a Goof Troop inspired game with me. I've been working on this project by myself for some time (about 6 months) but I'm very new to GMS2 and I'd love to find someone to work with.

Right now I have a somewhat fleshed-out prototype and I'm focused on getting the game design just right. I'm also working on the GDD and timeline for the project. I'm 100% committed to this project and I want it to see the light of day, but I lack the skill with GMS2 to do it myself.

I've released games on the past (both as a dev and as a freelancer) and m biggest project so far is called Dreaming Sarah. It's currently out on Steam and Xbox One. Apart from a few graphical assets and the music, everything on it is made by me.

Here are a few gifs showing some of the things I have so far:

You can check out a few more here:

I'm extremely sorry about this but I'm currently looking for programmers that are interested in revenue share deals, as I cannot afford to pay you directly.

As I've mentioned before I'm very serious about this project so, if you join, the first thing we would work on is a timeline to get an alpha build done as soon as possible and after that we can start looking for investors or start a crowdfunding campaign if necessary.

If you're interested, please feel free to contact me through my email -
Or my Discord - Yin#8622

Thank you!
Game looks great. Having Dreaming Sarah in your portfolio should help bolster things. I'm interested and others will be too. I've just had such terrible luck with rev share over the years.

I'm giving this a bump, because it looks great :)
Hi this game is catchy and coloured, got me by first impression, hope you finish it :)

I am making a game called Blockicker, its a mix of Goof Troop puzzles with Tetris pieces!Indiegogo image.png