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GMS2 Image Editor Palette



I think the image editor in GMS2 is lacking in palette functionality. If anyone here has used the program Aseprite you will understand the huge different in palette behavior between the two programs. It is very clunky to change the palette and I think there should be an update to this feature.


The entire image editor in GMS2 needs a lot of work in my opinion... I'm still using GMS1 for most of my work then importing to GMS2, although simple things like copying images in, resizing, individual frame cropping, and much more are just not that convenient in GMS2 at the moment - So adding my voice to this.


Agreed. An indexed palette should be part of any sprite editor, in my opinion. But really, why bother at all with the built-in sprite editor? Aseprite, Pro Motion NG,... Far better options anyway if you're serious about your pixel art.