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 GMS2 ignores windows default audio output settings



Hey there,
i've found a little Bug/have a suggestion in GMS2.
I wanted to preview my sounds in GMS2 but somehow GMS2 played it on my speakers, not on my headset (which is the default), so i looked into the GMS2 settings.
There is an option to change the audio output device, but my default device wasn't chosen (which should be, because it's default on windows), instead my speakers where chosen. so i clicked on "default audio device", but that somehow didn't choose the windows default, but the currently applied option in GMS (so basicly it goes back to the previous option). so i changed it manually.
but now if i change my settings in windows, i always have to change it in GMS2 manually again. there sould be a "use windows default" option.
here's a little gif to show the problem:
is this already known? should i file this as a bug?


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GMC Elder
Look in audio preferences, you can set the device there.

Later versions of windows have totally changed how all this stuff works - it's horrible now.