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Question - IDE GMS2 : how to report a bug ?


I found a (small) bug in GMS2 editor but when I'm trying to log the bug on the yoyo site, it seems that I have a problem...
On the main page of Yoyo website, I click to the link at the bottom of the page "support -> report a bug". Then I have a "please select a bug type" question, i select GMS 2 IDE and.... no way to log a bug, just a redirection to the support forum whereas for other questions, it's possible to fill a report.

So... where should we report GMS2 IDE bugs ? in the yoyo forum I mentionned above (but I didn't see bugs

For the bug I have seen, here is the desciption (IDE v2.0.5.76, I'm using the commercial version):
the auto-completion doesn't propose the function ds_list_set
so when using the function ds_list_set in a script, it is not colored as a function but as a variable


https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new (you can login first with YYG account so don't need to fill some fields then, and skip captcha test).

They closed GMS2 form, because they are clearing mantis hidden category for GMS2 and going to make it public (finally) so we can see all suggestions/bugs already reported same as in GMS 1.4 (of course they can still hide some of them ;) ).

To report a bug:
- login on https://accounts.yoyogames.com (plural accounts, not account)
- enter https://accounts.yoyogames.com/contact-us#bug an follow on-screen instructions

alternative way:
In IDE, use Help > Report a bug in top menu.
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Apologies for necroposting but this is the top result for "submit game maker 2 bug" in google.

When using the link above, they reply telling you to submit here instead.


Apologies for necroposting but this is the top result for "submit game maker 2 bug" in google.

When using the link above, they reply telling you to submit here instead.

haha.. maybe @gnysek can edit his old post to point to the correct page.

Or maybe a mod can edit the whole thing to just supply the correct link.


Man, I just submitted a bug using the new link, and it was like pulling hen's teeth.... argh.... :(

Maybe the next time it'll be easier, but to help others!:-

The site says that adding a project is optional. However, seemingly NOT adding the project (which was over the 20MB limit even YYZ'd and then even 7ZIP'd (which did actually make a big difference) kept failing to upload the rest / even allow me to submit the bug!

I eventually removed a music track, to make the zip small enough. It then failed to upload either the UI.LOG, compiler log, OR the project! - Having attached the project though, it finally told me what the REAL issue was. It wanted me to login again... ?! ...Despite trying to keep the session alive by editing the info, while I grabbed evidence, wrote about the issue and my findings. :(

I had to log in again on a new tab, to ensure I still had all of the filled fields and version details to hand, and paste them in from the other page....

Whew!.... Anyway, logged now, but I hope it you get nonsensical failures on submitting a bug now, this might save you the headaches I had... :)

PS - For those interested, it's a doozy of an error - game-breaking, but hopefully easy to fix...

(For background, I've had to compile my NEON STAR Jam game using the runtime, as the bug is in ALL versions after that....):-

The bug:-

Basically, when targeting HTML5, if you hold down BOTH mouse buttons at any point, and let go of ONE mouse button, when checking in CODE (ie. mouse_check_button(mb_left) or mb_right ), BOTH mouse buttons are still flagged as being held (the function will return TRUE despite not holding that button down), until you release BOTH buttons... As you can imagine, this breaks NEON STAR's input method completely, hence having to compile with the older runtime (where that exact same code returns the correct status of each button, regardless of the other button being pressed)....

I've not checked yet, but perhaps the mb_middle and mb_any are also affected....


The site says that adding a project is optional
All depends on which category of bug you select. Some requires attachments like ui.log, some not - requirements changes with dropdown changes. From my expirience, attaching empty .log or .txt file solves issue :) It shows, that your file wasn't uploaded (as it was empty), and you can upload it later if you wish, but bug is still reported. I have ready empty .log file in my game maker folders for any bug reporting :p