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GMS2 File Saving & Crashing


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A while ago I heard some reports about after having a power failure people's GMS2 projects lost hours of work, despite it appearing to save (since closing a window saves changes and the project name doesn't get a symbol next to it to indicate it's "dirty" anymore). Being a bit of a save freak myself, this is making me feel very cautious about starting to use GMS2, and I'd like to know a bunch of things before I feel comfortable using it. I haven't really used it since the open beta, so sorry if any of these are stupid questions. I consulted the manual before posting this and got some of my questions answered, but I've also heard that chunks of the manual have been copied from the GMS1 manual even when they're not correct (like the section about importing GIFs) so I'd like to hear this from someone that actually knows.
  • Is there some sort of automatic saving going on or does GMS2 only save to disk at certain points?
  • When compiling a game for test playing, is everything saved to disk first like in GMS1 or is the compiled game made from the working copy in memory?
  • Is selecting File-->Save the only way to save the file, and is Ctrl-S a shortcut for this?
  • Is there user feedback for when a saving process is going on?
  • Does GMS2 also make backups in a different folder from the project folder each time you do a hard save?
  • What files need to be backed up if you do a manual backup of a project? Is the entire project folder enough or are there important metadata elsewhere?


I would also like to know the answers to these questions.

I can say that File-> Save and Ctrl-S do both appear to save the game, and it does give feedback like this in the output window when you do either:
Saving project to: C:\Users\Justice\Documents\GM (Local)\bhsl\BHSL.yyp
Saving 3 resources
I don't know the answers to the others. I've been keeping backups of my entire project folder, and I've "restored" that way two times now---just dropping in the backed-up folder and getting rid of the unstable version---with no problem. (I make two time-stamped full backups at the end of every session using a batch file I pasted here, and I also use a free private git repository at bitbucket with the Kraken gui, which is the most dumbed-down git client I could find.)

Edit: I have run into some instability. I've had the "GM has become unstable bug" a couple times, although that seems fixable by deleting the last sprite or tilesheet or two that you added, and re-adding them. And I've had the project get so I needed to run the Clean program to avoid graphical problems, and I restored as well as changed a sprite and a tilesheet name to shake the bug. Then there's this thread where another person had to change sprite names to avoid problems. My project's really small, so...
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It sounds really worrying if things get unstable just by you adding resources... this is making me want to hold off starting to use GMS2 seriously for a bit longer. Which isn't really optimal given how GMS1 support is slated to end soon :/