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Windows GMS2 does not start. Exception - System UnauthorizedAccess Exception


I got this error message: Exception - System UnauthorizedAccess Exception - Access to the path z:\manifest\windowsYYC.yymanifest" is denied.

I was using it normally, suddenly this error starts. It creates the Z drive during initialization but gives this error anyway.

I tried the following steps:
1 - Reinstalled Steam version - error
2 - Reinstalled standalone version - error
3 - Reinstalled both versions as administrator - error
4 - Reinstalled both versions whit the antivirus closed. - error
5 - All possible combinations above. - error

What can i do? Yoyo says to follow a guide that does not solve my problem.

IDE version:

Edit: https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us...perform-a-fresh-install-of-GameMaker-Studio-2 - Did a fresh install and it worked


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