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OFFICIAL GMS2 Crash Reporting 2.2.3


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
Beta IDE Release Notes
Beta Runtime Release Notes
Beta Opt-In FAQ
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This topic is for the discussion of issues relating to Crash Reporting. However, this does not replace our normal bug reporting system and you should report all bugs as normal using https://accounts.yoyogames.com/contact-us#studio2

Goal: Lots of crash fixes. Any persistent crashing please let us know and report via new tool.

· The same Deadlock change also fixed a number of the reported startup crashes in 0030245
· Fixed a crash with GMS2 not automatically applying the software renderer on startup if using unsuitable OpenGL versions, WARP drivers, or using GMS2 over RDP on recent versions of Win 10
· Fixed a crash if you're connecting to our servers via a VPN which gives an "Unsupported region" error (you will still need to resolve the VPN issue yourself to make licensing work)
· Fixed a Mac IDE crash if you're using a machine which has no audio devices at all
· Stopped the Mac IDE's startup folder-checker from performing its checks on the first run of the IDE after installing/updating - stops a warning that a /tmp/ folder doesn't have suitable permissions, as this is actually correct and not an issue
· If you still have Windows/macOS file-permission issues which stop GMS2 from starting on your machine, see this FAQ for how to configure your permissions or protection softwareAdded tvOS as a new supported target platform
· Hopefully, you'll never see it, but we have added a new tool to intercept startup crashes and show a new one-click bug reporting dialog, which makes things a lot easier for you and us!
· Replaces the "send us your ui.log" dialog and no longer requires you to report this as a ticket to the Helpdesk


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
Hehe, guessing not (which is lovely!).

Our IDE analytics tell us the number of crashes seen by users is super-low in 2.2.3, but it does also indicate a couple of occasions when someone saw the dialog but chose to not send us their crash info. Please, if you are going to take part in the beta, do strongly consider sending us back the crash report while this is all brand-new. ....Plus, you'd like your crash fixed, right?