Asset - Graphics GMS2 Character Sprite Designer



This is a free character designer inspired from the empty character sprite outlines by Chumbucket. It comes straight out of the character designer from my project Platform Builder. With this simple toolkit, you can create your own custom character in minutes and export it to a sprite sheet on your computer. Once your sprite sheet it made, you can add it in your game maker project and use a special script (included in this package) designed to read your sprite sheet and create individual character sprites for your game. This saves you a lot of time cutting and pasting from the sprite sheet.


This designer comes with a full color palette and a randomizer. The character sprites are sized to 48x48. They are great for your pixel art side-scrolling/platformer games.

Designer options include...
  • 4 different skin tones (Or a B&W skin tone to colorize yourself)
  • Male and Female body types
  • 6 Hair styles
  • 9 different pieces of headwear
  • 4 different styles of footwear
  • 10 different eyes/glasses
  • 9 different clothing pieces for the body
  • 6 different clothing pieces for the legs
  • 4 different pieces of footwear
  • 2 different melee weapons
  • 2 different ranged weapons
You can view how your character will look with a couple demo sprites by selecting from the boxes at the bottom (see screenshots). However, the full sprite sheets you get from this include many more sprites. Here's what your sprite sheet would look like:


Click here to visit the Character Sprite Designer in the Marketplace.

Thanks for checking this out!