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Steam GMS2 cannot see the Steamworks SDK?

Hi guys

I am trying to get GMS2 to "accept" the Steamworks SDK, but nothing happens. I follow this guide:

I do not get the "Check Steam SDK" button to the check for the presence of the SDK or anything.

Any advice on what could be wrong is very welcome.

You are looking at the guide for GMS1.4 so that is probably why it isn't working for you.
There is a 2-part blog on how to get it set up for GMS2:
As an aside, but related to steam: When you are editing the app_build_* and depot_build_* VDF files, there's a difference between the depot id number and the app id number. You will need to provide both the app id number and the depot id number in the app_build_* file, and you will need to provide only the depot id number in the depot_build_* file. I put my app id number instead of the depot id number because I didn't notice that they were actually different and it took a -long- time to hunt down that silly bug. Steam will not recognise the game unless those are done correctly.