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    Apr 15, 2016
    macOS Catalina Support
    • This version of GMS2 is compliant with Apple's new "notarization" system - if you're using Catalina then it's important you update to this new version, or you will have issues making/running projects
    • Note: that this change by Apple means when building your games, before the package will work on any other machine the packages need to be submitted in Xcode to Apple and notiarized
    • We also fixed an issue with project files being left open during builds longer than required, which should stop "Too many files open" build errors (all versions of macOS)
    Apple Sign-In Support
    • Added Game Options to toggle Apple Sign-In support on macOS, iOS, and tvOS
    • You can download the new extension from the Marketplace
    Noteable macOS Changes
    • Notarisation support has been added during builds - you will need to submit your archive in Xcode to Apple to complete the process
    • Mac: Fixed gamepad_test_mapping() did not override the mapping properly when the pad was one which already had a default mapping in the database
    Noteable iOS Changes
    • Fixed legacy splash screen info and startup code in packages were stopping the updated splashes from 2.2.2 from working properly in current Xcode builds
    • Fixed achievement_load_leaderboard() on Game Center, plus added the updated "team_player_id" and "game_player_id" variables in iOS 12.4 and above (all of this line on tvOS also)
    • Fixed the building of frameworks in your project which have a "+" sign in its name
    • Added PS4/Xbox One gamepad support and the updated "menu" and "options" buttons support Apple added for iOS 13 / tvOS 13 (and macOS Catalina)
    • Added the plist flags required for TestFlight submissions, following recent-ish requirement changes
    • Compiling: Added a Compiler Error for the "Missing or corrupt build tools" message to better highlight this installation issue - some users were missing this in their compiler log because they only read the last line
    • Device Manager: iOS/tvOS "Detect Devices" now returns all physical devices of that type currently connected to the Mac, rather than just the first one found
    • Functions: Fixed the OpenGL implementation of gpu_set_texrepeat(true) (0031303)
    • Networking: Fixed http_request() on macOS, iOS/tvOS, UWP and some consoles so when using a buffer body so it doesn't always do a POST and instead does what you asked for
    Note that there is currently no mention of ipadOS in our docs/the IDE and no new target has been added - this is because iOS packages still work absolutely fine on ipadOS also. We will continue to monitor this going forward and react if we have to, but right now we/you don't need to do anything differently.

    Please note that the release notes mention several new or updated extensions are required for use with 2.2.4 - these are downloadable HERE until the Marketplace has been updated.

    The Marketplace will not be updated with these new extension versions until 2.2.4 is out fully!
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    Apr 15, 2016
    The Apple IAPs extension is now downloadable via the HERE in the post above, and the Apple Sign-In Extension is coming asap.

    EDIT: The Apple Sign-In extension is now downloadable via that link also.
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  3. Dan

    Dan YoYo Games Staff YYG Staff

    Apr 15, 2016

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