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Question - IDE GMS2 and different languages


King of Raccoons
I was wondering if GMS2 has the ability to use different languages, obviously GML but looking at the preferences menu I find it odd that the gml syntax highlighting and all those fun options are under text editors > code editor
and then I started thinking about how theres a plugins tab with only github source control

So I was wondering if GML bears some similarity to C and C++ in terms of its syntax (keywords, grammar and structure)
is there a way to have my setup of the ide use actual C++ rather then gml
the code blocks on the form support other languages not just GML

so TLDR:
Does GMS2 support other languages/ can I make it use a different code language?


Not Medusa
Forum Staff
No. Although other languages may come into play whilst working with extensions, different platforms, etc., there's no way to use a language other than GML as the primary scripting language of GameMaker, and as far as I'm aware, it's not going to change (anytime soon at least).

The other code block options on the forum are Xenforo's defaults.