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Mac OSX GMS2.3 - no option to output to yyc

According to the Knowledgebase documentation, in order to be able to run a finished/compiled game on another person's Mac the game needs to be notarized by Apple. There are two options for accomplishing this, one for games output as VMs and one for games output as YYC files, with the YYC process being the preferred method.

In order to build a game as YYC, one has to set the output option in the Studio IDE via the Targets manager. In the column labeled "Output:" there should be two options, VM and YYC.

I do not see an option for YYC.

I am running a fresh install of GMS2.3.0.529, on new Mac Mini running a recently updated OS (10.15.6) and Xcode (Version 11.6 (11E708)), and I have an Apple Developer's account. I've followed all the KB articles on requirements, permissions, etc.

Three questions:
1) Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong, or what I might be missing?
2) This is my first time using GMS, and I downloaded GameMaker Studio 2 Creator Mac. Do I need a different version in order to make desktop games that can be played on other's Macs?
3) Is it possible to download version 2.2 of GMS?


The 12mth Creator Licence doesn't give access to the YYC, regardless of what version of GMS2 you use.

Check the Creator Licence section here: (zap)
I missed that completely - at the time I didn't realize what YYC even was! Thank you for clearing that up.