Windows GMS 2 Trial Expired


Hi there,

I'd like to test GMS 2 how ever I downloaded it before without using GMS 2,
I'd like for my trial to be reset ?

I have a GMS 1.4 license but I'm really keen on exploring GMS 2, to see the new fancy layout and the stuff that was advertised when it first came out, and also to test out the new build in functions, to see what's available.

The thing is I had this idea before but I must've run into some issue like downloading it past my bed time and forgetting about the whole idea the next day.

So I'd like to know if my trial can be reset so I can test out GMS 2, I really haven't had a go at it yet.


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There's a subscription license as well, which is cheaper than buying the full version and has more features than the trial version. Costs a bit, but saves you the hassle of figuring out a way to have a second trial.


You should email YYG support rather than ask on the forums.

You're unlikely to get a reply from anyone who has access to this kind of thing on here.


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"Staff" as in "Forum Staff" (me, for example) does not work for YoYo Games.

Those with the "YYG Staff" rank browse the GMC in their spare time only and don't regularly screen new topics for support requests, as those are - as it has been correctly mentioned already - supposed to be handled by support, through the helpdesk. (For reference, that's


Did Yal and TsukaYuriko get over their issues :3 Stay tuned on the next episode of days of our lives (lol sorry I just remember some drama from ancient times)

I got a response via email, looks like I'm good for my 30 day trial. :)
Been making the most of it this evening before being interrupted by load shedding(national power outages).
I'm trying to apply what I've learn these past few weeks by translating into code to produce some desirable outputs.
It's more of a, produce some interesting results so that I remember that what I've been studying actually has meaning. Otherwise we tend to forget when we can't find reason to remember.
There's such a thing called cramming where you just continuously study the same thing over and over until it burns into your memory. But that's really harsh.

Ended up sitting outside on a chair gazing at the stars (which were resonating well without any lights to dither out their ambiance, had some nice experiences there on that chair, forgot about the mosquitoes for one, and.. was I imagining this or was the light being produced or refracted from the orbital bodies ..moving ?

Or were they themselves moving causing the light to change.
Made some other interesting observations too, but I'll just end off with some winded mysticism, the project I decided to go for in regards to producing reasonable material from my studies was a space type game.