GMS 2: Realistic First person shooter engine!


Hey guys!
So I've found quite a lack of 3-D engines in GMS 2 that actually look good and have smooth gameplay, so I made one myself!
It's a 3-D FPS engine that runs on GML. I imported it from GMS1 to 2 after working on it there for a bit, and I'm finally publishing it!
Selling for 2.99 USD on GMS marketplace.
Screenshot (122).png
the image is a bit blurry cause the forum compresses it lmao

Check out a promo video I made!


The code is documented (well, 95% of it, there's a lot to comment upon) and I think
the explanations are thorough.
I'd really appreciate it if you would check it out! Buying it would be even more awesome!

Thanks a lot for reading this everyone!