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Mac OSX GMS 2 compiler hanging at the "Writing Chunk... SPRT" section.

Tony Brice

Been having this problem a few times over the last couple of months and it's driving me nuts.

I can be working on a project and do some minor changes with a sprite, maybe add a new one, import one or just change a few pixels on one and then suddenly the compiler will just get stuck when building and the timer ticks on forever. I've left it overnight and it's had hours stuck, seemingly doing nothing. And it's always at the point in the process where it's presumably packing the sprites into a texture page and the compiler output says "Writing Chunk... SPRT"

I've restarted the Mac and sometimes that's cured the issue but not recently. I'm cleaning the project before i attempt to compile again and closing/restarting GMS2 to no avail. What compounds the problem afterwards is GMS 2 will do the same for any other project loaded after I've done this so I get royally screwed. I've tried clearing out the folders in library/application support/project name etc but that doesn't help.

Another thing I've checked is available memory but that doesn't seem to be an issue. The current project that this has sprung up from usually compiles within around 8-10 seconds normally and has very few sprites in it as well. But, as I said, it happens on other projects afterwards.

Often i've found is coming back to the project after a day or two and trying again and it will suddenly go back to normal without me doing anything which is even more confusing.

Anyone else had any issues like this and managed to resolve it?

Thanks for any advice.

Tony Brice

Nobody has had this issue apart from me? I restarted Mac and things worked again but I know the issue is going to re-occur again at some point as I've had it several times over the last year or so.