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GMS 2.3+ GMS 2.3 Sprite Editor causing font bug in IDE


Hello all.

I've had the strangest bug with the new IDE. When I rotate or auto-trim a sprite in the new editor, my entire IDE window becomes unreadable. I will attach some screenshots here to show what I mean:
Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 10.35.22 AM.pngScreen Shot 2020-08-20 at 10.31.17 AM.png
Has anyone else ever encountered this? The only solution I can find is to save and close the entire program.

This was not a problem on the last version. I'm amazed that this wound up in the official release for 2.3, but maybe the problem is unique to my monitor.

I run GMS2.3 in a virtual machine (parallels desktop) so I am running the windows 10 version but on a mac. Never had any issues before. I know that the resolution of my "windows" monitor can be variable because I can resize the entire window the OS is running in, so that's a unique factor in my situation. Still...

I can't find where to send this to the developers. Hoping the community can help me out.