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Mac OSX GMS 2.3 Mac - Instance Creation Code from Room only in GML?



I've just started with GameMaker. I did the whole Space Rocks tutorial series and have started on a DND Platformer series. The author has you double click on an object in the room view and click the Creation Code. In the video they have the DND widgets on the right of the window like I am used to in all of the other editors. For me though this is just a GML edit window. Ctrl-click and choosing Convert to DND has no effect. I'm wondering if this is a bug and possibly only a bug in the Mac version?

I've also been seeing issues with the creation of new scripts. If I already have a script editor open and I create a new script it seems to replace the open editor's script with my new one. Not having any other script editor windows open when creating a new script seems to be a workaround.