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SOLVED (GMS 1.4) Printing Missing Glyphs as '▯' in Strings


GMS 1.4's manual states:
Another thing to note is that the unicode character 9647 (▯) is used to substitute any missing glyphs that you may have in your designated font when rendering it in the draw event. So if your font doesn't have, for example, the ° symbol, then writing 90° will actually produce 90▯.
However, when I try to draw the string "test€test" with a font that doesn't include the '€' character, then only "testtest" is drawn - no '▯' is inserted in place of the '€'.

Am I missing something here?

Edit: Yes, I was missing something. In order to display character 9647 you have to include it in your font range in the font settings! Also, the font you are using has to have a character 9647, otherwise an empty space will be displayed.
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I was coming across the same issue, and even with 9647 included in my font range and trying multiple fonts that included the character, it just would not display.
What I found was that I needed to reboot GMS before the change would take effect. Clearing the cache was not enough.

So if anyone else has been banging their head against this issue, you may just need to do a reboot after setting everything up correctly.