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GMS 1.4.999 rectangle_in_rectangle HTML5 returns 0 if rectangles overlap completely


in html5, rectangle_in_rectangle() will return 0 if the two rectangles overlap completely. it should return 1.

if you're having trouble with this, this "fixed" script might help. it will return 0 if the rectangles do not overlap, or 1 if they overlap at all. this does not completely recreate the functionality of rectangle_in_rectangle() but it's a good start!

//for html5

var sx1 = argument0;
var sy1 = argument1;
var sx2 = argument2;
var sy2 = argument3;
var dx1 = argument4;
var dy1 = argument5;
var dx2 = argument6;
var dy2 = argument7;

if sx2 > dx1 and
sx1 <= dx2 and
sy2 >= dy1 and
sy1 <= dy2 {
return 1;
} else {
return 0;