Alpha GMRogue



I searched around online, but I couldn't find a tutorial or guide of how to make a real roguelike game in Gamemaker: Studio, except for scripts and stuff for procedural generation of maps.
I don't know how to make a roguelike in GML, but I thought that I could learn - and teach others - by trying to make one and documenting my process for others to read, as well as receiving advice, feedback, and ideas from more experienced Studio users. To help out with this, I'm going to have the project files available for download as well. Please give me some advice and feedback as I try and do this. Got any ideas? Post them!

I need help with:
* Spawning enemies and storing their data
* Enemy Movement AI
* Items and Inventory data
And I'm more than willing to take any advice on everything.

- Sets up map array, basic movement
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