GMOM Engine: GameMaker Options Menu | 0.4

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GMOM: GameMaker Options Menu

GM Version: GMS
Target Platform: All, however hasn't been tested on anything but windows.
Downloads: EXE Source

What is it?
GMOM is a user friendly intuitive engine that allows you to bring user option GUI easily into your game, or project. GMOM has a multitude of GUI features including: drop lists, tick boxes, and option slides. I have many features planned for the future such as the ability to scroll, choose vertical or horizontal menu fitting, and in-game pause menu+option menu abilities.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated and I will try to get back with you on them.


Soon to come, this is the first version though...



Very cool. I have a couple ideas you could consider
  • Allow the user to click a checkbox/radio by clicking its text. The little box is a small target.
  • Move the scrollbar more gradually towards the mouse instead of instantly. To me this makes it feel smoother.
Also, the game crashed when I clicked "reset to default".

Looking good!


Keyboard support would be nice.

I tested it in HTML 5 and it goes black when you click reset to defaults.
That should be fixed whenever you fix that error you get in the windows version.

I'll test it with YYC some other time on my other computer.

I second guadalcanal, looking good!


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GMC Elder
Looks pretty cool, except I'm pretty sure Comic Sans isn't the best font to use for something like this. But I guess it matches the not-so-serious vibe the GMC-centric example options give off. Seconding the 'click anywhere to trigger dropdown list' and 'keyboard support' options, both are pretty much expected of GUI elements, especially the former. If you're looking towards adding something new, I'd recommend radio buttons (with grouping) next. (AKA "pick one of the following" style checkboxes, typically round). They're not really offering anything a drop-down menu can't offer, but look more visually appealing in some situations, especially when the number of options is low.