Asset - Extension gml_string - syntax highlight GML code in your games, on your websites, or more!


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Links: web demo · (has a downloadable demo) · marketplace (uploading is currently broken...) · documentation
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This extension lets you parse and syntax highlight GML code!
It comes in multiple flavours:
  • GML: Lets you syntax highlight GML code inside GameMaker games!
    Can be used with GMLive, TXR, NSP, or any other GML-like scripting system to syntax highlight user-defined code or snippets for display.
  • JS: Lets you syntax highlight GML snippets on your website(s)!
    Can be configured to match custom functions/scripts specific to a page.
  • Haxe: Lets you parse/syntax highlight GML code for countless other uses
    (read more about what Haxe is if you need)
I hope this to be of value both to people making games with user-generatedcontent and to people making GameMaker assets (after all, who doesn't like some good-looking documentation).