Hi, I'm new to Gamemaker and this forum. I wondered if there is a place I can learn GML?


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I wondered if there is a place I can learn GML?
Surprisingly, the best place to learn GML is the GM IDE itself. The more you code, the more you wish to explore and the more you learn. What is even more surprising is that you can learn GML within hours. What takes a much longer time is learning how to code game logic and mechanics you wish to implement. You can open the manual and get familiar with basic characteristic, syntax and available functions in a comparatively shorter amount of time. But it might take you days to learn how to code a platformer. That's what tutorials are for. Given how broad functionality of GM and programming in general is, there's no single place where you can learn everything -- you will have search for yourself and find what suits you. Nobody can tell you what you need, for everybody has different styles of learning and many might have one that you won't stand a chance in game making with. So I really suggest doing a bit of research yourself.

That aside, I can tell you where to start. Open up the manual (press F1 in the IDE) and make yourself familiar with the IDE. Unless you understand how the most basic component of GM works, you shouldn't really bother about learning how to code. Once that is done, dive into GML syntax and try to understand basic language features. Some sections of the manual are meant for absolute beginners, so you shouldn't find it difficult. Then start looking for tutorials. Begin with the built-in and official ones. The Tutorials forum is another nice collection. Since GMS2 has come out quite recently, you might find it difficult to find tutorials meant for that particular version. But there're still plenty of those. Whenever in doubt, feel free to consult the manual or the forums. That's what we are here for, after all.

(Forgot to mention that we have some volunteers who can help you get started and assist you throughout the process of becoming self-dependent, so make sure you have a look at what they are into.)


Tom Francis' tutorial series on youtube might be a good place to start or Shaun Spaulding's.

Tom Francis:

Shaun Spaulding

Also the manual is great (middle mouse click any function to open its page in the manual).


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The built in tutorials are also really good, and have videos walking you through the creation process.