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Who am I?

Hello, I'm Lolslayer. I'm an experienced GML and shader hobbyist programmer who has covered a wide spectrum of gamedev topics throughout the years, ranging from artificial intelligence and gameplay programming up 'till graphics and tool development. I'm currently a third year student Game Architecture and Design (Programming) at BUAS in Breda, which helped me improve my professional skills and programmer practices.

I'm available for:
  • Shader programming
  • Gameplay programming
  • C++ Extension development
  • Tools development
  • GMS1.4 & GMS2
I'm not available for:
  • Full-time jobs
  • Networking
  • Tutoring
  • Non-Windows related projects (I don't have any additional modules)
Payment will be done over Paypal. Depending on the project, the billing will be calculated on a flat or hourly basis.

Either use PM or Discord: Lolslayer#6492



Before and after comparison of soft particles (Notice the cutting of particles in the cube geometry in the before picture):

  • Fast particle geometry rendering using point sprites
  • Correct alpha blending no matter the particle positioning
  • Global gravity which can be changed on the fly, with instant outcomes
  • Global gravity speed, which can be used to simulate slow-motion
  • Soft particles
  • Advanced emitters
    • Emitter shapes (Cubes, Ellipsoids, Lines, Etc...)
    • Particle creation configuration (Creation Timer, Initial Speed, Initial Direction, Gravity Influence, Slowdown, Colour, Etc...)
      • Every configuration had a range between a minimum and maximum value. Every particle got a random value within that range

Made within the timeframe of GMC34

Collision system:
  • Ground with variable levels of elevation
  • Additional levels of elevation using platforms
  • Sliding against walls
  • Object width, making sure that the object's sprite doesn't move inside of a wall
  • Following mechanics (Avoid walking off cliffs/moving around cliffs)
  • Flight mode (Avoid walking off cliffs)
  • Graphics:
  • Ambient water lighting
  • Moving water geometry
  • Stylized point-lighting
  • Map data extracted from model files
  • Easy to edit room-editing using XML files

The concept behind this system is that it doesn't matter how far you travel, when revisiting an area exactly the same generation code will be performed to recreate the same area. This way you can have a massive persistent world without having to save previously visited areas in external files.

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