Asset - Scripts GML Regular Expressions (free)


Really cool! Thanx. I love RegEx, and I think this asset of yours adds an important (missing) functionality to GM!

Can't really think of living without RegEx...


The Laughing Rogue

I thought I'd try your extension for my project, but it's a bit dissuading that upon running it, the demo just shows a white screen. (No looking for the e-mail address criteria you pre-formatted like your EXE on MediaFire.) Any chance this is something you'd still work on? I've been doing without it so far, but one of my potential users pointed me at regular expressions for my log-parsing, and I figured I'd give it a try anyway. $:^ J



I meant what operations/tokens it accepts that are regex-like?
It says which ones in the comments. Here's the copy-pasted section:
// regular expression: A string containing the regular expression (see the next paragraph if you're unfamiliar with regular expressions). Special characters are parentheses, * (Kleene closure), | (union), ^ (the empty string).
//                     With backslash you have access to more: \n (new line), \+ (e.g. a\+ is the same as aa*), \? (a\? is the same as (^|a)), \a-z (a character from a to z), \A-Z (a character from A to Z),
//                     \m-n (a character from m to n (or n to m) where m and n are digits from 0 to 9). Use \\ for the backslash character itself, and \* for *, \| for |, \^ for ^, \( for (, and \) for ).