Portfolio - Programming GML programmer looking for work (GMS2)


I am new and I am looking for some work as a programmer if at all possible to earn some pocket money.
Not too much on the details as to why but it's very complicated.

I have made 2 games on itch.io of my own to show off what I can do. (I'll link them in this post.)

a demo of Castlevania NES that I made to get into a game programming coarse.

an arcade endless shooter I made for fun and practice.

I am currently working on an RPG with a friend so I can do some work on the side (or if priority arrises Ill take the paying job first on top of all.)

I am only limited to GMS2 and the desktop/windows version of it only. As I cannot afford anything else.
This is my first time posting for a job post so please forgive me, I have decided on the rates of $30 USD an hour. But I can negiotiate prices.

My specialties are Arcade type games, Platformers, 2D fighting games, TDS, and RPGs (although since I am already working on one I don't think I have enough to do 2 at the sametime lol).

You can contact me through: zakelliott@hotmail.com
Thank you for your time, and I hope I followed the rules about the job post/portfolio.