gml extensions


I have a group of 6 sprites, 4 objects, and 1 script that compose a notification system I built.
Is it possible to create an extension that includes all those resources, so that I don't need to import them all individually in to each of my projects that I want to use them in?

I created an extension and added all of my files into it... the manual wasn't very clear on how extensions work and all the google examples I found from simple searches were single scripts.

Can you bundle a group of resources that can be added to a project as a unit? It's all gml and I'm tired of scrolling and clicking to add these resources.

Or wait, maybe I'm trying to create a package... can you create packages without publishing?
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Unlike GMS 1.4, this is currently not possible. This is on the roadmap for GMS2.
Currently, the extension system requires you to upload to the marketplace. Not practical at all for private needs. :/


Thanks, I guess that isn't too bad if they give you an option to set packages to private. I wouldn't mind sharing either, it's just that the system is pretty idiosyncratic and would be pretty useless to anybody else.