GML 1.4 vs 2

I'm trying to get to learn the language (also not trying to burn out and work for two weeks and then stop) but I'm worried that their might be differences in the code that I will be messed up on. I'm talking about little things like (not anything just example)
instead of something like this

X_002#_depth == ()63
it's now
X-2#_depth = (63)

I know its gibberish but small things that mean the same thing
If someone can point me the right direction how to start this. I know there's the manual but some more tutorials or something besides the ones that are put on here (which I've done a few times over)

thanks guys


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There are changes everywhere, but syntax isn't one of them. You'll have to relearn all the functions' usage, but they're still called the same way and such.
....So what do you think I should at this point haha?
Do I just start reading the manual then?
I'm very new to this but coming into it with some basic knowledge and no that'll be hard no matter what


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I guess it doesn't hurt to read the manual, since it's available online for everyone and stuff... tutorials for stuff could be a bit more meaty, but if you're already comfortable with using GMS and just want a list of changes...
I'm barely into it so I'm kind of all over the place on where to start. I've been finding more but if there any that you (or anyone) know of that are really helpful let me know.
thank you


Personally, I found the switch from 1.4 to 2 to be really smooth. Code is the same, more or less. (I have no experience with 3D however).
As Yal said, the formatting/syntax for things like: for(i=0; i <10; i++) {} are still all the same!
There are a few functional changes, that you probably won't notice until you stumble into them, like 'instance_create' is obsolete -- its now 'instance_create_depth' or 'instance_create_layer'

Generally if you can't find a function you are accustom to, you just search the old function name in the manual, and more likely than not, a suitable replacement will be there.
It won't be like learning a new language or something.
thank you. That helps because with gm2 being so new there hasn't been much tutorials about it yet so it's nice to know that I can go and listen to the older ones