Asset - Extension GMDebug: Browser-based debugging


I originally just wanted a quick and easy way to see my ds_grid data, which GM's debugger doesn't show clearly. I'm aware that there are some marketplace extensions that allow ds_grid printing, but I wanted to do something different. So I built GMDebug, a browser-based tool for inspecting instances and datastructures.

It's really a Javascript-based tool running in a browser, that makes a websocket connection to a counterpart that's running in your game, giving you some console-like ability to inspect instances and variables. I suppose it could be extended to do other console-like things like trigger scripts or spawn instances, but I'll leave that for another time.

Marketplace link:

GMDebug can inspect:
* Instances in a room
* Global variables
* Instance variables
* Instance builtins
* Datastructures
* Buffers
* Surfaces

To use: install the Marketplace Asset GMDebug, and drag the gmdebug_handler into your room, then when you run your game, GMDebug will be able to connect to it.

Example: the View As... works in the same way as GM's debugger

...But we can look at grids, and can also sort-locally by column; the grid is also paginated making navigating easy

Instance variables can be inspected; and the builtin variables can be turned on and off